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10                                 IJFK  OF
eludiy as a mathematician, but wlio potw-MRod a eon-
siderabh^ kwowkHlgo of Grook. Tho philological talonta
which already whowed, itself in tho older brothov, in-
clucocl thoni to learn modorti a« will an claKBioal lau-
OHj while in, consequence of tho lovo for natural
es which Alexander felt, young Wihlonow wan
engaged to instruct him in botany. Kunth ondoa-
vourocl to prepare his pupiIB, who hud now grown up
to young mou, For their future academic Mo in a
worthy manner, by private leutures on KUdntUu^ Htib-
jects. HA^ engaged sucli incu as Kngul, Klein, Dolui
and others, who gave the brothers complete courses
of lectures on philosophy, law am! political economy ;
and particularly Dohn, who was In the department of
foreign affairs, gained a considerable milueuco over
them. Tho minister Behulonbcrg bad requested him
to give a course of political economical lectures to a
young count Arnim, and, m obodionoo to tho wish of
their' mother, tho liumboldta also joined this uourHo,
which, lant(id from, tho nuttxmu of 178/5, to tht> J'tnu?
of th(i following year, and which rtwmblod tlio uwi*
vorwity classes. Those ieot'urcvB of Dolui, which wor«
carefully composed on a Bpcx*/ial plan, hronght him
into a more intimate relation with, the HumboldlN, and,
this irieutlship (xmtinxiod uneJumged whtui tlu^y had
arrived at a more 'matured ago.
But now tho individual jleculiaritu^iu thu ehametor
of tho brothws began to »liow fchotusolvtia Tho im-
pression made on the sontimontality of tho nation by
tho formerly published u Worthor" of (loc^tlu^ roctsivotl
new nourishment from tho liighftying <iut'huHuxH'iu of
Scliillor'y Don CarloH, Thn whole educated world
revelled in feolingB and ideals, and nontimontalU/y bo-
lougod to the tone of the educated clann, <^p(Hually to
the yonngor portion of it Tho young William par-
ticularly waw influenced by tluw tendency, which wan
moroasod by MB association^ for, by Inn <H>wipiwiiorts itl
MB dancitig lemons he wiw brought into uoaror rolivbiun
with ladies, who, by their Bubsoqutmt hxtolloetu&l
standing, show what a Bonihuontaiituiig